Best Practices to Handle Negative Reviews

The impact of a negative review online about your business can be a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Yes, I said it can be a good thing. How is that possible? Let’s get into the mechanics of what a review can do and what a review actually is.

Ratings vs. Reviews

Some online reviews sites allow the public to leave a star rating, a written review, or both. The star rating is a visual representation of what people think about your business. Dig a little deeper and we discover the written review. This is the actual words of the customer and them explaining in their own words the experience they had with your company.

Handling Negative Reviews

Negative reviews happen to every business. It’s okay. The most important thing is the protocol you have in place to handle these. The first thing you have to do is ensure you are able to manage these reviews by having access to Google My Business, Bing, etc. Once you can access these reviews, you need to ensure you respond to every positive and negative review quickly. Writing a response that shows you care about their experience is super important. It is never okay to blame the customer. Most of these reviews are people who just want to be heard so they use the review section to do this. Your response should include an apology for the experience they had and a way for them to get in touch with you directly to resolve any issue they might have. Be sure to keep it simple.

Negative Reviews Can Be Good

Why can a negative review be a good thing? Imagine you are researching a plumber in your area. You are more than likely going to check out their reviews and see the experiences others have had. Having responses to your reviews adds a human element and can take even a negative and turn it to a positive if done properly.

Let’s take a look at this review. The customer did business with the company and felt they were scammed. The company replied to their review that customer services is important to them and they went out to resolve the issue. As a reader, I no longer look at the 1-star review as a negative, but now I see that the issue was fixed and I feel like they care.